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BikeFit Cleat Screw Kit

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The Cleat Screw Kit is a Bike Fit Pro’s best friend because it eliminates the difficulty (and in some cases impossibility) of finding the perfect type and length of cleat screw. For example, our Speedplay screws have Loctite to help prevent them from coming loose. For Walkable Speedplay screws – please see our stand-alone Screw Kit (part# 9092008).

The Cleat Screw Kit comes in a sectioned plastic container holding:

  • Cleat Screw Pick
  • Five (5) 1.5 mm Pedal Spacer washers
  • One (1) pair of 20 mm Pedal Spacers
  • One 4 mm Allen key
  • Ten (10) of each of the following screws:
    • SPD 12 mm
    • SPD 14 mm
    • SPD 16 mm
    • Look 8 mm
    • Look 10 mm
    • Look 12 mm
    • Look 14 mm
    • Look 16 mm
    • Look 18 mm
    • Look 20 mm
    • Speedplay 12 mm
    • Speedplay 13 mm
    • Speedplay 15 mm
    • Speedplay 17 mm
    • Speedplay Walkable 11mm
    • Speedplay Walkable 13mm

The Cleat Screw Kit is a standard component of any of the BikeFit Bicycle Fitting System.

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