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HED Vanquish V4 40mm deep carbon clincher 30mm wide 24H CL disc brake – Front



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Welcome to the Vanquish.

We have been producing aerodynamic wheels for over thirty years now, but the Vanquish, our latest creation, is certainly one that is giving us huge levels of excitement. When we eventually finalised all of the details and specifications for the Vanquish we were certain that we had made quite an evolutionary step in the genre of aerodynamic wheels.

A question of safety and performance gains.

The Vanquish has been a long process. It is our first full carbon wheel that is suitable for clincher and tubeless tyres. While other manufacturers hurriedly pushed carbon as the material of choice for aerodynamic clincher wheels we weren’t convinced. We repeatedly asked ourselves why carbon was being utilised within carbon clincher wheels by all of our rivals. Certainly, a carbon wheel can be made with very little weight, but to try and achieve even the minimal safety level, in desperate attempt to avoid tyre and tube failure due to overheating rims under braking, the carbon often had to be reinforced. This resulted in minimal, if any, weight loss over an aluminium rim all while the question of safety remained large.

Within our research of rival wheels and indeed our own we were finding that to make a full carbon rim brake clincher wheel, with satisfactory but still questionable safety levels, the weight was actually almost exactly the same as our Jet wheels...

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