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Let’s get Technical: Why the Different Shapes?

In this weeks blog, we’ll be divining into a little technical talk about our frame design, specifically the rear end. Why it looks different from others and how it benefits you. We will also share what’s new inside Ventum and have a sneak peek at next weeks blog.

So, let’s get techy! What does asymmetrical mean? The definition of asymmetrical is having two sides or halves that are not the same, i.e. not symmetrical. The chainstays of the Ventum One and Z have an asymmetrical design. We came to the shape from extensive structural and aerodynamic testing,while the final tuning of the stays came from road testing/handling of the bike.

Ventum Bike Frame Shape

The chainstays on the Ventum frame measure 9mm shorter than traditional road and tt bikes, while also positioning the rear wheel to sit further into the wheel well. The rider gains a more balanced weight distribution over the bottom bracket, which improves handling and cornering abilities in comparison to other triathlon bicycles.

The non-drive side top edge is horizontal to the ground, this is done so when the air is broken for the first time at the leading edge of the BB shell, the air is then kept until the trailing edge of the bike. By doing this, it minimizes the amount of surface that will break the air.

Ventum Chainstay

The drive-side chainstay has a very different appearance and is designed to shield the derailleur and cassette from the wind. There is a lot of turbulence created on the gears and the Ventum chainstay helps to push the air around this high drag area.

The non-drive side is very stiff in a vertical plane and the drive side very stiff laterally. Once a rear wheel is installed it ties both sides together. Creating a stiff rear end that is compliant but responsive.

The first time you ride a Ventum you will notice the strange feeling of it being extremely stiff but subtle. You can feel every pedal stroke want to push you forward whilst remaining comfortable.

Aerodynamic Frame

Aside from the aerodynamic and ride quality advantages, this design allows you to mount the Ventum One and Z to any trainer with ease. Allowing you to stay on top of your training in the midst of heavy winter.

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